Monday, September 21, 2015


Hi stalkers!
Last saturday our class went to GALERI PETRONAS in PETRONAS TWIN TOWER. Theres is an exhibitions. 

Okay obviously thats me on the front door. TWINS WORKS BY OLIVIERO RAINALDI.

Okay kids! This time our task is to draw two different drawing based on mr.Rainaldi art. 

This is ophelia. 

Another art of mr.Rainaldi

my drawing 'sepatutnya' to be upside down. 

again, i uploaded the picture of my drawing upside down.

My favourite because its made of ice. 

One thing that i love most in the galery is a Masserati. I am madly in love with the car. 
The sexiest thing i ever seen. Mr.M fall to the second place. 

Xoxo, harihta

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hi stalkers!!

Okay this time im gonna update chuolls mr.M new way of teaching. He still helping us improving our skill in gesture drawing. These are some picture.

Okay thats me in the front. Mr.m late for this class, maybe he send his children to school. HAHA
so lemme take a selfie. 

If chuolls can see a  big guy sitting on the floor with a pose. His name is afiq, while others have to draw the gesture drawing of afiq. 

That girl is fatin syafikah. That guy with the beard is the cutenest overload, no one can resist his cuteness. he is mr.M.

That girl is popo, we have to focus on her dress and scarf. Put some shades so we can see some tone on the picture.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hi stalkers! We meet again. 

So this time im gonna post my drawing. Well this drawing i did in my first class for figure design on 11 september 2015. I admit it that my drawing is not that good and look like kindergarten drawing. BAHAHA. But it getting better than before. PRACTICE MAKE PERFECT right. 

Mr. M askr to draw a human fly. Actually we can improvise the drawing such as make a human with a wings. Use your imagination. 

This is supposed to be a person who sad. Does it look like a sad person gais?

This is my classmate's leg, roszaizura. 

These drawing what artist call GESTURE DRAWING. Theres no need to be detail in drawing. 

So thats all for today gais. Don't be sad, i'll be back! 

Xoxo, harihta

Sunday, September 13, 2015


hi folks!

Assalamualaikum, my name is ATHIRAH BINTI DOL BHRIM from UNIVERSITI KUALA LUMPUR MIIT. This blog is specially made for subject FIGURE DESIGN.

introduce; this is my lecturer for this subject. His name is Mr. Fauzi Naiem or known as Mr.M (puncak kecomelan)

My next post will be update. Stay tune gais 

Xoxo. Harihta


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